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It's called The Mini-Fast Diet, and it's perhaps the simplest weight loss plan you've ever seen. That's because it's based on what we all do naturally, every single day.

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Did you know that you fast almost every single day? It's true. From the time you stop eating dinner, through the night while you sleep, and until breakfast the next morning, your body is doing a natural mini-fast. More importantly, once your evening meal is digested, your body starts burning FAT for energy—all night long.

Your body has no choice but to BURN FAT!

While you sleep, your body turns up the fat burners and targets fat cells, burning fat for energy through the night. The fat burning actually ACCELERATES when you wake up...until you eat breakfast. That first bite of bagel or muffin in the morning brings all that fat burning to a screeching halt. That's where The Mini-Fast Diet comes in.

Add an extra 5 hours of fat burning every day!

The Mini-Fast Diet shows you how to keep your fat-burning machine going strong—even TURBOCHARGING it for maximum weight loss. Studies show you can actually enjoy an extra 5 hours of fat burning every day, simply by following The Mini-Fast Diet plan. You'll never feel hungry and your blood sugar actually stabilizes—all while the fat just melts away.

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Never count calories. Never go hungry. Keep eating your favorite foods!

IT STARTS WITH THE MINI-FAST—Skip breakfast or delay it for a few hours and give your fat burners time to incinerate fat cells. The results are amazing and SO worth it: up to 30 pounds lost in just 12 weeks! The Mini-Fast Diet shows you how to make it all happen, without hunger or fatigue.

TURBOCHARGE THE MINI-FAST WITH EXERCISE—Perfectly timed exercise (at the right duration and speed) pumps up the fat burn like never before. Do it right and your body shifts into an extreme fat-burning state. Intensity is key! The Mini-Fast Diet reveals how exercising smarter (NOT harder!) actually burns more fat, faster.

GET READY FOR THE FOODS YOU LOVE—Your Mini-Fast is over by noon...let the eating begin! You're already way ahead of the game, so go ahead and eat what you want. Pizza, pancakes, pasta, ice cream—it's all on the menu! No counting calories, no deprivation. What could be simpler than enjoying the foods you love? The Mini-Fast Diet reveals how sensibly enjoying your favorite foods is so easy that you'll want to stick with the plan forever.

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